How to make basic homemade Chicken Soup

Heres the process of making your own homemade chicken soup from scratch. Lots of people have different versions but you can do whatever you want with it in terms of what goes into it since its just soup. Its your party.


  • a big ass pot
  • a whole chicken (you can also use chicken parts but a whole chicken is easier and gets more flavor in my opinion)
  • chicken bouillon (to give you more of that soup taste goodness) 
  • celery
  • carrots
  • salt, pepper, onion, or whatever else you like as flavoring
  • (adding noodles or dumplings are an option too, like i said, its your party)

step 1)

fill your big ass pot with some water and stick your whole chicken corpse in there (but wash it off first to get the blood and who knows what else off of it).

When the water is boiling, reduce the heat to low, cover with a lid and leave it the hell alone for like an hour, or until the meat is falling of the bone. It’ll look more like this now:

step 2)

After an hour or so, remove the chicken (CAREFULLY BRO) from the pot of what is going to be your soup base. Let the chicken sit in a bowl to cool off for a while, because now its time to pull the chicken meat from its bones, and you dont want to burn your hands off now do you?

remember: the bigger you leave the pieces of chicken, the better. they can always get smaller when you put them back in the pot, so its better to have as big a chunk as possible.

step 3)

add chopped celery, carrots, (onion if you want, but i dont like onions, so fuck onions FIGHT ME), and chicken bouillon ( it realy depends on your own taste how much, but you might need about 4 cubes for that good chicken stock flavor to get through) to the pot of delicious chicken soup base. Add the chicken meat back into the pot and let it all cook until vegitables are done.

(to keep it from being too bland, you should also add things like onion powder, garlic salt, and any other favorite seasonings at this point, go nuts ITS NOT LIKE ANYONE’S GOING TO STOP YOU)

step 4)

Remember to taste to make sure the flavor is where you want it while its cooking, adding salt+spices until its the right taste to you because everyone is different UoU/ When the vegetables are soft and cooked through, you’re done!

Now you’ve got chicken soup made from scratch! Its time consuming, but pretty easy actually. Great for eating on rainy days or when you’re sick ^q^ have fun!